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All limited edition prints are labeled with the print order and guaranteed to the maximum specified number.

Product Summary

 Metal Wall hangings

 Framed Prints

 Unframed prints

 Individually designed prints

 Glass Prints

Priced from: $250.00

A selection of my favorite photographs are printed and ready for your purchase. Special requests can be made from photographs displayed on my Flickr page.

Personally designed prints can be made to order.

Contact me directly for a discount or order via Etsy:


Fine Art Prints

To contact us:

Phone within Australia: 0423937699

Australian Mobile: +61423937699

Email: evcoltd@hotmail.com

Web: www.evco-pics.com.au

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30 x 40 cm green Dot $250

45 x 65 cm Tawny Frogmouth

50 x 70 cm Red Dot $350

47 x 57 cm $390 Moon Plain Hill

Viscacha 58 x 77 cm Viscacha $450