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Text Box: Exclusive prints.  Limited edition for greater value.

Priced from: $4.50

Pre-made or customized for the recipient.

Text Box: Priced from:$250.00
Text Box: Quality personalized photographic books designed, decorated and printed.  Unique expressions of you and your special life events.  A momento as special as you.

Direct Price: $20.20

Text Box: If you have a damaged treasured photograph without a negative it can be restored with a photobook service or have a favorite photograph restored for individual display.

Priced from: $18.00

Text Box: 56 Playing cards (4 Jokers per packet).

Priced from: $100.00

Text Box: Environmentally friendly; made partly from quality recycled material.

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To Contact EvCo Petal Pics email:

Priced from: $100

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For product photography or event photography contact me directly via mobile, email or Facebook page to arrange an appointment.

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Text Box: Temporary line of dolls clothing.

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